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These days, marketers around the world have been very competitive. You can find them on different platforms, on all media actually. Despite all these rising platforms, we also have this one platform we can use to have an advantage over other marketers, and that is email marketing.

With email marketing, we can easily sell, remind, update, invite, and more. You can also reach all your clients in no time. This blog will help you to come up with effective and enticing topics and ideas on email marketing.

1. Welcome Email

The first thing you usually do when you have new clients is to welcome them. Every time you have new members on your subscribers, or social media groups the initial thing to do is send them an email welcoming them. 

You don’t have to tell them anything fancy that will build high expectations. Hence, you just have to welcome them saying you are grateful to have them on your list. This can also be a chance to introduce your business or company’s goal. 

2. Brand Awareness

Your receiver should be aware of you, your company, and your brand. If they are new to your list, or you are just starting your email marketing campaign, you can email them your brand information. In that case, when they see your email, logo, brand color, and more, they can easily distinguish your company from others. 

If you want to learn more about brand awareness, you can visit Hubspot and read some of its articles. 

3. Products & Services

Aside from introducing your brand and company, you can also create an email campaign about your products and services. 

Your products and services are the reason why your clients stay with you. You can use a campaign about your products, what are the inclusions, and if they can have freebies after purchasing one, and services, you can create a campaign that tells your clients about your pricing for each of the services you offer. 

In services, you can focus your content on bundles and what are the things included if they avail your services. 

4. Holidays

The holiday is a great topic for your next email campaign. Make your email campaign timely and relatable. Maximizing the opportunity to create an email relating to what is happening in real life, will be the best decision you could have as an email marketer. 

Black Friday is one of the most famous holidays or events for digital marketers in the west. Every marketing platform is active at this time of the year. Marketers like to capitalize on the atmosphere and holiday feel, that’s the reason why most, if not all, marketer deploy a campaign every holiday.

5. Updates

Everyone and everything are rapidly changing. To cope with the changing society, we often innovate our products and services. You can send these updates’ information to our email list, or clients for them to be updated with our changes. 

You can use updated emails to keep in touch with your receivers. You may see it as a bit of a dull topic for an email campaign, but it still works. Your client will be happy to keep them posted on what is happening in your services and products.

6. News

In a news email, you can serve your specific niche an update on their field of industry. You can send them emails about relevant emails that are related to their niche. In that case, they will show more interest in your email. 

When emailing different niches, you shouldn’t just pay attention to what you are selling and your business, you should also make your receiver feel like you are interested in their field also. 

7. Exclusive Offers

Offering something exclusive to your email list is something that you should practice. You can offer things that are once in a lifetime or limited. 

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is one of the most famous exclusive offers. The FOMO offer is making you feel like your customers are being rushed. You can use coupons or codes to confirm the use of your exclusive promos or offers. 

Creating an exclusive offer like such will make your receiver think that you are treating them great and feel valued. Aside from your customers, you can also track your sales instantly by monitoring the use of your coupon or your codes. 

8. Thank you 

Thank you email can be sent anytime. 

Your company’s achievement can be used to be grateful and send your email to your client. You can also use this idea or topic if you have a contest or games on your page and you can use a thank you email to thank all your participants by joining your event. Mostly, thank you emails were sent after a client joins your group. 

There are many things to be thankful for, and by creating a thank you email, you can show your gratitude.

9. Giveaway

Freebies are a very good point in creating a campaign. Your customers will be grateful to receive a FREE thing from you. Do not forget that maintaining your leads is not the only thing you should do, you should also know how to satisfy them, and giving out free items is one good example. 

10. Invitations 

You can also create an email campaign whenever you have an event coming up. You can send an email to invite your clients to join your upcoming events, invite them to join webinars or seminars, and invite them to join your social media groups, etc.

With invitations like this, you will be able to clean up your attendees or the people that will join according to your client’s responses. 

11. Testimonials

You can ask for reviews from your previous clients regarding your previous projects. To gain the trust of your potential clients, you can use these reviews as proof that you have a good service or product.

Sending out testimonials will make it easier for your new client to trust you. Previous clients’ reviews are the best way to prove that you, your products, and your service are worth the money they will spend with you. 

12. Surveys

Review can be from the surveys. Creating a survey email campaign is a very good opportunity for you to check up on your clients. With a survey campaign, you will be able to know what are your clients’ thoughts about your service with them. You can use whatever the results of your survey will be to improve what are the things that should be improved and polish your services and products according to your client’s preference. 

13. Preview

Since you are continuously improving your services and products you tend to create another item to catch up with what your clients need. New products and services can be a subject for your next campaign. 

New products and services are good topics to tease your clients. Making them feel like they have another thing to look out for is a great campaign. It’s the same as making them feel that you always have a lot new to offer with their needs. 

This topic for an email campaign can be also called a teaser. Make your clients know that you are not stopping to create a futuristic solution for their existing problems.

And that is all. Now, decide on the next topic you can use for your next email marketing campaign. You can look back at us if you want to know what to do next in your email campaign. A subscription to this blog would be much appreciated. If you are having a problem creating a campaign, we also have a blog on what are the things you should know about email marketing, so as not to be lost while doing one. 

See you in my next blog!

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