Email Marketing: Things You Should Know!

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Welcome to another blog. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the things you should know before conducting an email campaign. If you want to learn something new, stay tuned and read until the last word of this blog.

I won’t take much of your time, let us start learning! 

Here is the list of things you should know about email marketing. Hope you like this blog.

  • Do not be so intimate.

Using phrases that are a bit too intimate is kind of insincere. Just use words that are a little casual. Being too intimate is a bit scary because why would a stranger care about me? Casual email is the safest point of view for an email marketer. 

  • Quality > Quantity Email List.

Having huge numbers of an email list is good, however, making sure that your campaign is being read by real people. I know some email marketers, myself even, made the same mistake. When I was a beginner, I tended to grab every email without verifying it first. Whether the email is real, the email user is really my prospect client, or if I’m on the spam email. All of these things are because I once valued the number of emails not the quality of it. 

  • Know the best time to send.

Just like any other thing, there is timing. There are bad and good times for sending emails. Some other time is not as effective as the other. That is one of the main reasons why your email campaign is effective. Different countries have different best times to receive an email. It may be morning, afternoon, evening, weekend, or weekdays. You just have to look it up online and learn to adjust every email campaign depending on the area of your prospective client. 

  • First 20 words technique.

In every email, the subject line, sender, time sent, and first 20 words are the only things a receiver can see in their notification. With this information, you should make the most out of your first 20 words. Make sure that your first 20 words are convincing enough, for your readers to dive into your email and read the entire email. 

  • Do not use Jargon.

Using words that cannot be understood by many is such a useless thing in email marketing. Why would you send someone a message that you know they wouldn’t understand? It’s like you are talking to a newborn baby. If you want your readers to understand what you mean, avoid jargon and use non-technical words.

Before continuing the rest of the things you should know in email marketing, lemme tell you about something you probably don’t know of. Did you know that you can still send an email even when you are in outer space? And the first email from outer space sent in 1991. The email was sent by the crew of STS-43 Atlantis. The email’s message was:

Hello Earth! Greetings from the STS-43 Crew. This is the first AppleLink from space. Having a GREAT time. Wish you were here… send cryo and RCS! Hasta la vista, baby… we’ll be back.”

Now, Let’s go back to our main topic, and continue the 2nd half of the things you should know in email marketing.

  • Close-ended Question.

Close-ended questions are the questions that are mainly answerable by yes or no. Putting a close-ended question in your email campaign is a kind of strategy to start a conversation with the receiver. “Yes or No” is easier for them to answer since they won’t have to think hardly to answer your question, or in some cases “Yes or No” is better than giving out their personal information, like address, age, and more, especially when it’s their first time receiving your email, or they don’t know you at all. 

  • Never claim to be the best.

Statements like “We are the best in the industry” or something like it will only make you look boastful. Let your receiver find out about it. Also, do not promise that after a few days you can make their business boom because they subscribe to your business. Let them discover your website by putting CTA (Call to Action) in your every email. By doing so, they can visit your website or landing page, there, you can put all your achievements, and client testimonials, if there are any. 

  • Be more realistic.

Creating an email is also creating a storyline to capture your client’s attention. Make sure that you are creating a story that is not just relatable but also a more realistic one. Avoid, or do not create a fictional storyline in your emails, because some prospective clients might think of you as a liar and think that you are not serious about what you’re doing. 

  • Never assign follow-up tasks.

Receivers love to receive your news, updates, and probably discounts from your products and services. They hate it when you are, as if, requiring them to do things for you. Assigning follow-up tasks may lose their interest, and, worse case, unsubscribe from you.

  • Do not lose hope. 

Some beginner thinks that once you create an email campaign you can see the results right after. Let me tell you something, good results don’t happen overnight. Just because you can’t feel the change right after you create your campaign doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. You have to have patience and wait for the result for maybe a couple of weeks, or months even. Don’t rush things, and give up if you’re not happy with the result. Do not lose hope.

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