Website Design

We provide web design services to help you convert more of your web traffic. We build mobile-friendly sites, optimize your look and feel for a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

How can Website Design help you?

Every website is different, and each needs to be designed specifically for its goals. Learn more about how we can make your new design a success.

Website Design Services from Beginning to End for Every Purpose

Chonggos’ website design services is unparalleled in quality. Every client is different and each website is customized to their specific needs. As a company of engineers and designers, we have created a sophisticated engine that allows for the creation of exceptional websites, for all customers and purposes, no matter the size, industry or budget.

As digital marketing company, we customized website for your business. Discussing your project with you, we will be able to understand your business, brand and message so that we can convey these aspects over the internet better than any other competitors. Our Web development services are affordable and will give you more quality than you may have envisioned.

Our website design services include: Research, planning, layout design and configuration; creation of both static (HTML) and dynamic (ASP) websites; creation and implementation of front-end flash components; hosting of your web site(s).

Visuals for Websites

Our web designers and developers will sketch out the framework of your website, providing you with a blueprint of its structure. Then we provide the groundwork for a well-thought-out website with appealing design, simple navigation, and eye-catching colors. The Chonggos team enjoys collaborating with our clients and ensuring that they receive high-quality, timely service at a reasonable cost.

Graphics of Websites

A wireframe is a design that shows only the most crucial visual components of a website’s layout. Each element is laid out in exact proportion to guide the development of your website’s design. For example, buttons may be shown smaller than you intend them to be so that when they are displayed on different screens and devices, they will appear the same size. This assures a consistent appearance across all displays.

Responsive Web Design

We build responsive websites using the latest techniques to ensure that it looks beautiful on any device. With a responsive website design, your website will automatically adjust based on screen size and device. More importantly, you’ll be optimizing your website to provide an optimal user experience. That’s why it’s important to choose a site design that not only looks great but works well too.

Monitoring of a Website

Chonggos’ website design services ensure a better user experience and increased sales power for your online business. Our team provides a full range of design services that include complete website audits, visual designs, prototypes, web development, and ongoing support. You can rest assured that we will deliver a stellar product customized to fit your exact needs. We help you develop a plan to reach your specific business goals and vision.

Designing of a Landing Page

At Chonggos, we help you build perfect and intuitive landing pages for your website. We do not stop at just creating a great interactive design that meets business requirements. We also conduct SEO audits for your site and perform keyword research to make sure traffic generated from social media and organic search is high quality and relevant. We offer diverse products, including theme-based websites, content management system (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), mobile content creation and responsive website design.

On-Page Optimization

When it comes to website design and the optimization of web pages, Chonggos is your 1-stop destination. Website health is an important topic that properly addresses issues like the loading speed of a site, the existence of broken links, or the possibility of certain code issues. Such problems occur when the website creation process lacks adequate foresight or preparation. We make sure your website is healthy from day one by conducting a proper analysis and identifying any flaws that may prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Consultation on Web Hosting

Websites can be expensive. Hosting and updating can be even more costly. Our focus is to help you find a great hosting provider for your company’s needs at an affordable price. We will also show you how to access any of your information with ease by any modern device, including tablets and smartphones. With so many website hosting providers to choose from, it can be a difficult process sorting out which company has the best service. We can assist you in finding a great host that offers the features and services you need while having the reliability that you want.

Invest in a better website to grow your company.

If you’re looking for a design firm, look no further! Choose Impressive Designs to develop your website, because we understand that first impressions count. Our creative team can give your business an immediate competitive advantage, boost your sales with the perfect conversion rate, and create a long lasting engaging experience for each visitor.

Your website represents you; and you want it to look amazing, gain organic results, and convert people into paying customers to drive income. Our award-winning web design service will give you a web presence that looks stunning, works like clockwork, and helps increase your customer base. We’ll create an impactful, streamlined, and professional site that is unique to your company needs.

No matter what your website may be for, the effects of an improperly performed design could be disastrous. We are getting more and more requests from clients to have their websites built in-house, and many project leaders don’t have the specific knowledge needed to fulfill these goals. Our team of professional website designers are variously experienced in full brand creation, small ecommerce sites, blogs, microsites, revamping existing sites, and much more. Whatever kind of site you need built for you, we will work with you to design a solution that properly appeals to your customers’ eyes and ears.

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Why is Responsive Web Design Important for Your Company?

Responsive Website Design is always needed to every business which can be run on the internet. This design software allows you to have a mobile friendly website and desktop at the same time. You will build a like-it-like-the-exactly-same user experience for all type of devices. The best part will not affect your SEO strategies or even improve your position in SERPs. It’s a must in order to improve your customers’ user experience, especially those who are using their smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices!

The growth of internet and mobile users is increasing day by day. To be in competition and exploring the international market, responsive web design is a must for every business. A responsive website designed with the help of professionals like us engage your potential customers through intuitive navigation and mobile apps or devices without any glitch.

Dynamic web page design is the new standard of web page layout. Dynamic web pages are created in such a way that they load content based on your specific search query. Our team of experts can help you customize your website to be dynamic, so you’re only paying for what you need. Contact us today to ensure your company’s website is working as hard as you are.

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Our goal is to give solution for all your Digital Marketing needs. Increasing your business productivity to its highest performance.

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I’d like to share some great success stories from our customers. So far, 99% of our clients have seen an increase in their organic traffic and lead conversions with our service.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Mirasol O. Social Media Manager

Working with Chonggos was fantastic. I found them who has great expertise and a profound understanding of business solutions. Their hands-on strategy of motivation and powerful character gained them the respect of the staff. Loyal, insightful, and independent.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Georgie Sinclair

Chonggos and her team were fantastic to deal with. Very responsive, knowledgeable and well priced. I would highly recommend their services.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Karina Yoga Wellness Coach

Chonggos has been an absolute lifesaver for my company. I hired her for help with SEO, social media, digital marketing, WordPress help with my website, and general virtual assistant duties.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Daniella Stein

Chonggos has been very knowledgeable in helping me improve my google SEO and business account. She has a lot of insightful knowledge and tips to help me grow my business. I highly recommend her services.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Jackie Pendelton Lifetstyle Coach

Working with chonggos digital is a great experience and very helpful. they work with me in a very strategic way that made my business grow.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Lisa B. Owner/Founder of E-Learning Company

I was really impressed with Chonggos. They did a lot of technical research to see what would be the best optimizations for my website. Not only that, she came up with fresh strategies and creative approaches that I hadn't even considered.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Bryce C. Founder of Digital Marketing Agency

Chonggos has a great team player who is always on the lookout for ideas to improve our processes. They works closely with our marketing team, providing us with suggestions and feedback that we take into consideration every time we have a marketing decision to make.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Mandy Smolders

After an initial phone call with Wendilyn, she does have good knowledge of SEO and valuable advice