Tools to Help You Create a Social Media Content

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Let us first define what social media content is. Social media content is content created by some personnel and posted on any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. By posting social media content, you will be able to engage with your clients or customers. 

To create this content, and post them on different social media platforms, you have to use several applications and tools you can find on the internet. Here is the list of tools most social media marketers use.

1. Canva

First off, Canva. Canva is an online graphic and video designing tool. Canva is free, you can use this tool to design your next post on your social media. 

Canva became a hit these past few years because of its user-friendliness. Even a non-expert person in graphics and video designing will be able to navigate this tool. 

If you are wondering, yes, canva is free. You can still edit videos and photos even without availing of the premium account. However, there are still advantages when you avail of the premium account, like downloading the image even without background and using available templates that you can use for easier editing. 

If you are looking for affordable, easy-to-navigate, trendy, and user-friendly photo and video editing tools, give canva a chance, and you’ll surely like it.

2. Meta business suite

Meta was introduced to us last 2020. Meta is a tool exclusive to Facebook and Instagram. It makes you manage your business account or business page/s separate from your personal account. 

In meta, you already have a one-stop tool to manage your 2 social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. 

3. Hashtagstack

From the tool name itself, you can see hashtags. Using a high-ranking keyword is one of the best techniques to rank your content. 

Hashtagstack generates hashtags related to a keyword you entered. Despite being a powerful and very useful tool to use for your social media marketing journey, it is completely free. You can use this tool by visiting their website. 

On your next campaign, you don’t have to crack your head wide open creating hashtags about your topic, hashtagstack will do the hustle for you.

4. Grammarly

Not every digital marketer, in general, is good at grammar. That’s what stops many people to do digital marketing, and that includes social media marketing. 

Now, you have no reason to fear such things. Grammarly is always available online. You can use Grammarly for free. They have a chrome extension feature, with this feature, you will just have to install it and then you can let the Grammarly extension check whatever you’re writing. 

They have a premium offer where you can unlock all their available features like clarity, engagements, and delivery. Grammarly will be your best writing partner. Worry no more, you can easily write your content without concerning your grammar.


You probably heard that you can write articles online without actually writing them copyright free. With the help of, you can write any contents you will be using on your digital marketing campaigns such as email writing, blogging, social media content writing, digital advertisement, product description, and more. offers thirty(30) free credits monthly, meaning, you can use for 30 outputs every month. If you want unlimited access to their features, and for you to write content without worrying about the credits, you can avail of their premium plan for only $49 monthly. 

If you want to write your content without consuming most of your time, is the tool for you. You can look it up online and start writing your next content.

6. Pexels

Most of the people on social media may be inclined toward a business or not, they are visual learners. However, you can’t have an image for every content that you’re planning to post. Images you can find online are either pixelated, blurred, or not copyrighted free, with Pexels, you will be able to find related photos for free. 

Photos and videos from Pexels are absolutely free, without copyright, and are licensed. If you are looking for a site where you can get stock photos, Pexels is the best for you.

7. Capcut

Content creation doesn’t only mean images and writing. As a social media manager in this time, you have to adapt to the needs and wants of society. Clients these days also love seeing videos on your page, reels, and stories. Capcut being the easiest video editing tool is the best tool you can use as a beginner. 

You can use Capcut without a watermark for free. This tool will be very useful for your social media manager life, you can even explain things in a form of a video since not everyone is willing to read an entire article or post. 

Make sure to add videos on your social media, you’ll surely benefit from it. Use Capcut for easy editing.

8. Linktree

Each social media platform has a bio, you can put everything that describes you and your business, however that is very limited. You can only put limited characters on your bio. 

Put up everything that you want to put in your bio by a single link. Using Linktree, you can put all your social media links, shop links, emails, and your other contact information that will make it easier for your client to contact you.

9. Notion

Notion can be used on a website and you can also download it on your mobile phone. With Notion, you will be able to plan your daily task easily. You can create a schedule for all the tasks that you have to accomplish in a certain period.

You can use Notion as a group. You can post there the tasks that your teammates have to do. With that, you don’t have to tell everyone on your team about their tasks, they can look them up in your domain. You can save time when you use Notion

You can also put up the schedule of your posting to Notion. You won’t be out of your topic since you already plan for it a long time ago.

10. Semrush

Last, of course, you have to use relevant keywords. Aside from hashtags, you can use keywords that are relevant to your niche to be at the top result of the search engine. Using words that most businesses in your industry use, will make your content a bit more relevant. 

With Semrush, you will be able to see what are the most used words that are connected to your niche. Your target clients will be able to discover you easily once you used words that are relevant to your kind of industry. 

Semrush can be used in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Optimizing your social media search engine ranking is a great help to increase your visibility and discoverability.

That was it, you now know the must-have tools in social media marketing. 

If you’re still having a hard time creating content after reading this blog, you can contact us through our contact field. 

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