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Explore why Filipino VAs and digital marketers excel with exceptional communication skills and strong work ethic, offering expertise to enhance your business and drive growth.

digital marketing, digital marketing agency, virtual assistant,
digital marketing, digital marketing agency, virtual assistant,
digital marketing, digital marketing agency, virtual assistant,
digital marketing, digital marketing agency, virtual assistant,

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Working with Filipino VA and digital marketers is the best option due to their exceptional blend of skills, dedication, and professionalism. Filipinos are renowned for their proficiency in the English language, ensuring clear and effective communication. Their strong work ethic and commitment to delivering high-quality results make them reliable partners for any project.

Additionally, Filipinos exhibit remarkable adaptability, allowing them to excel in diverse tasks and industries. With a positive attitude and a focus on continuous learning, Filipino professionals bring a refreshing energy to any team, driving success and innovation in the digital landscape.

What We Provide

Chonggos offers digital marketing services that help brands and marketers drive online, offline, and mobile traffic to their sites and apps.



Digital marketing uses online strategies like SEO, social media, content creation, and PPC to promote your business. At Chonggos Digital Marketing Agency, we create tailored solutions to connect with your audience, drive traffic, and boost conversions.


A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides remote administrative, technical, or creative support to businesses, helping streamline operations and boost productivity. At Chonggos Digital Marketing Agency, our skilled VAs handle tasks such as email management, scheduling, customer service, and more, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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digital marketing, digital marketing agency, virtual assistant,


I’d like to share some great success stories from our customers. So far, 99% of our clients have seen an increase in their organic traffic and lead conversions with our service.

Chonggos Testimonials
Mirasol O. Social Media Manager

Working with Chonggos was fantastic. I found them who has great expertise and a profound understanding of business solutions. Their hands-on strategy of motivation and powerful character gained them the respect of the staff. Loyal, insightful, and independent.

Chonggos Testimonials
Georgie Sinclair

Chonggos and her team were fantastic to deal with. Very responsive, knowledgeable and well priced. I would highly recommend their services.

Chonggos Testimonials
Karina Yoga Wellness Coach

Chonggos has been an absolute lifesaver for my company. I hired her for help with SEO, social media, digital marketing, WordPress help with my website, and general virtual assistant duties.

Daniella Stein

Chonggos has been very knowledgeable in helping me improve my google SEO and business account. She has a lot of insightful knowledge and tips to help me grow my business. I highly recommend her services.

Chonggos Testimonials
Jackie Pendelton Lifetstyle Coach

Working with chonggos digital is a great experience and very helpful. they work with me in a very strategic way that made my business grow.

Chonggos Testimonials
Lisa B. Owner/Founder of E-Learning Company

I was really impressed with Chonggos. They did a lot of technical research to see what would be the best optimizations for my website. Not only that, she came up with fresh strategies and creative approaches that I hadn't even considered.

Chonggos Testimonials
Bryce C. Founder of Digital Marketing Agency

Chonggos has a great team player who is always on the lookout for ideas to improve our processes. They works closely with our marketing team, providing us with suggestions and feedback that we take into consideration every time we have a marketing decision to make.

Chonggos Testimonials
Mandy Smolders

After an initial phone call with Wendilyn, she does have good knowledge of SEO and valuable advice

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing marketing usually reduces your company's costs, since it allows you to pay only for the services you really need, and only when they are necessary. Therefore, this option is usually more profitable than hiring permanent marketing professionals on your staff.

Outsourcing your marketing or hiring a VA can be a smart solution if you need specialized skills or expertise. Outsourcing certain functions to other companies can help your business reduce its labor costs. The third-party organization takes care of hiring, paying, training and providing benefits to the employees who perform the tasks.

Outsourcing in digital marketing refers to the practice of hiring an external agency, freelancer, or team of experts to handle specific marketing tasks for your business. This approach allows every business to focus on core business operations and delegate marketing responsibilities to a dedicated and specialized team.

Outsourcing is the right choice; it gives you access to affordable, talented manpower to work with your business.

Filipino VAs are adaptive, eager to learn new things, and collaborative. Effectively build trust and respect with their clients, manage multiple tasks, and satisfy their requirements. Filipino are well educated.

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