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Chonggos offers digital marketing services that help brands and marketers drive online, offline, and mobile traffic to their sites and apps.

Managing Facebook Group

The Facebook Group management course will teach you how to take advantage of business opportunities using Facebook groups. From building an engaging community and gaining authority to how to run a profitable affiliate program and generate leads, this training will provide you with the tools, techniques and tactics that would help build your online community!

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As your community grows and changes, you need a partner who can stay ahead of your growing needs. At Chonggos we provide the service, support and expertise for building an engaged community. Our full-service approach includes strategic planning, online marketing, communications and operations support.

Helping you to success

Community management is a job that requires more than just posting on your community wall to be successful. That's why we created best practices for each stage of the process and provided you with tutorials, tips and strategies to help you be more effective in your job as a community manager.

Service Management

Chonggos offers a comprehensive range of outsourced maintenance services to your Association. Our professional team is committed to providing excellent customer service, professionalism and attention to detail. Trust Chonggos Community Management to manage your community's common area maintenance.

Partnership with the Community

Caring neighbors who live and work in the community. Loyal and energetic teams devote time and talent to community involvement. Excellent web design, custom programming, virtual tour technology, and social media management services to get messages out, help keep track of them, and ensure that people keep up with you.

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Our goal is to provide you with the most professional and courteous services available in the industry. With our full-service staff of qualified managers, superintendents, maintenance workers and building coordinators, we want to make your association experience a satisfying one. Our team is committed to superior customer service, quality of work and fair pricing.


Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency

1. Adding hashtags to posts so Admins can easily find, respond to and moderate posts.

One of the most challenging tasks for community group managers is moderating their post threads. Often members will ask questions that go unanswered or need to post announcements, but don’t get seen by everyone. That’s why it’s important for moderators to add hashtags to the title of each post so that Admins can easily find, respond and moderate posts. If a community group has set up hashtag titles, an Admin can search for these hashtags from the community group’s main listing page . You’ll find your community full of articles and posts with hashtags on the title that you’ll need to go in and remove if you want to make any updates to your community (such as editing the pinned post). It’s very hard for Admin users to see all of these.

2. Creating winning social community

Our community managers are equipped to create winning social communities for you. You may need help creating social accounts and posting on them, or managing them for you. Our professional community managers can help with all your community management needs. They know the ins and outs of creating engaging content, answering common questions and helping clients use the services they need most.

Whether you’re looking to gain more followers or increase engagement, we can manage your online social media pages and help develop a community. Learn how to build and nurture relationships that will positively influence your brand perception.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency
Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Agency

3. Consistency of a design

We’ve got in-house experts that can work with you to produce graphics and visuals for all of your platforms. We can clarify brand messaging, create logos, and instill consistency across all of your social channels. Our teams collaborate with you to come up with new visual content or revamp older ones to appeal to a wider audience.

What do you give the publishing powerhouses that have everything? You give them powerful social media tools to stay on top of this changing industry. Our social media management services include: Content planning, creation and curation, Community Management and engagement, Discovery of what’s relevant in the social sphere and how your brand fits into it, And on-going measurement of your influence to maximize your impact while reducing wasted time and effort.



Community management is a blend of social media and customer service. A community manager spends the majority of time engaging with your target market, addressing concerns and comments, building relationships, creating brand advocates, and managing multiple social media channels. Community managers can also teach employees how engage with your audience in an effective way.

  Social media platforms are ever-changing, and keeping up with the latest news can be difficult. Community Management is your guide to navigating the social media landscape, outlining the changes you need to know about, as well as offering actionable tips that lead to increased engagement, better listening, higher conversion rates, and stronger brand identities.

Great communities need a solid foundation in place to protect against spam, abuse, and other issues.  Most importantly, your community members are looking for someone they can trust, who understands their unique needs, and can be a resource throughout their career. 

Guidelines on How to Run a Successful
Community on Facebook

There is a sweet spot for how many members your Facebook group needs before it gets too big to manage. In this guide, you will learn how to run a successful and profitable community on Facebook, regardless of size.

If you manage a large group on Facebook, it’s critical that there are some rules and guidelines pinned to the top or placed in the about area. This makes it easier for other community managers to follow the rules and ensures that the community is free of spam and inappropriate comments and postings.

These guidelines are:

Details About the Organization.

All of the important details, such as:  information about the current networking activities, check this website or contact this individual, and so on.

The Group's Mission.

Tell them why you started the group, for example, we started it to help single people in Philippines make friends and organize networking events.

Specific Group Location

Tell them where you’re from or the location of your site, for example, this group is for digital marketing in Philippines, specifically the Bulacan Area.

List the Administrators.

Tell them who the administrators are and what their role, these administrators have the monitoring responsibilities for the group.

Spam should be Defined.

You should have put together a full list of guidelines to help them learn what constitutes spam and how you plan to deal with it to get them started.

Specify Unwanted Content.

Make sure they understand what do’s and don’ts. Explain the rules clearly, if you want them to be respectful of other members and what they say.

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