Factors That Affect The Social Media Management

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We’re all aware of social media platforms’ power, but how much do you think about how you go about your social media management? How you go about your social media will either improve or hinder your marketing efforts. In today’s blog post, I will cover 7 factors that affect how you manage your social media.

These 7 factors might be pros or cons depending on your point of view. Let’s dive into it!

Content Creation and Curating

The first factor is content creation and content curation. Before everything else, let us define first what content creation and content curation are. 

Content creation is from the word itself when you create content may be from scratch or a template. On the other hand, content curation is the process of collating other content from different sources and you don’t have to create a new one. 

How will it affect your social media management? Whether it is content creation or content curation, content is one of the biggest factors that will affect your social media. With content, you can gather attention from your old, new, and even non-follower audiences. 

Your content will be your number one attention catcher. Logic-wise, the one that is gaining too much attention will be the one that will affect your output drastically. 

Audience Size

The second thing that affects your social media management is your audience size. Your audience size will tell your analytics, and your analytics will tell your algorithm and will affect your audience’s friends. 

When you gather a lot of audiences, your post’s reach will grow simultaneously. A great amount of audience will benefit you and whatever you are promoting.

Industry Type

The industry type is also known as one of the great factors that greatly affect your social media management. Your industry type will determine how well your social media management journey will do. 

As a social media manager, you should know the best social media platform or social media channel where you’ll do better. You know by now that there are specific social media channels compatible with your industry type or niche. 

Some industry types are popular and already trending on certain social media, on TikTok for example, the skincare industry is quite popular on TikTok, that alone will make it easier to land a client and will affect the thing that you are promoting. 

You are probably seeing other types of industry dominating some other social media platform but are almost not existing on some other platform. That’s the power of a platform they hold. When your type of niche is compatible with your target social media it will be easier for you to blow up and land a client.

Services included

Of course, let us not forget about services. Services dictate how many new prospects will approach you. Your service must be what they really need. 

People on social media tend to engage in business that offers new services and products related to what they are looking for. They will think that your offer might be their asset for the next campaign they will be having or it will seem like it is a breath of fresh air and will reflect as they are ahead of the game, and so are you. 

Having a different variety of services offered will make your reach wider. You can also cater to a more wide range of audiences. They will have more services to choose from and choose what’s more compatible with them. That’s what flexible choices do.

The Number of Social Media Platforms

We talked about social media platforms or social media channels. You better know that not every social media platform is compatible with your kind of business. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t maximize the use of any social media just because it is not compatible with your business. 

The number of social media platforms will be easier for your audience to find you. Some people have Facebook but don’t have Instagram, what if you only have Instagram and they are looking for services like what you offer? You’ll already miss the chance to talk to them. 

Being searchable on any social media platform will make it look like you are willing to take on everyone. That you are willing to cater to any kind of problem that your audiences have.

Geographic location

Your location will have a huge impact on your social media campaign. How will it affect your social media campaign though? 

Being a social media manager, you like your post and content to reach not just your whole country but the whole world. But given the fact that each country in the whole world has a different time zone, there’s a huge possibility that you won’t reach them by the time they are on social media.

If you are worried about if you’ll be able to reach people outside your country, stop worrying. You can still make them see what are you up to. There are different techniques you can find online such as using the right keyword. With the right keyword, you will be able to make your post reach even the farthest nation from your location.

Content Strategy

Of course, content strategy. Content strategy will affect your social media manager greatly. It doesn’t mean that only a good strategy will affect your social media campaign or managing your social media. Whether good or bad content strategy, they will still make an impact on your social media. 

Content strategies include Planning, Branding, and other stuff related to it. 

Your content strategy will dictate how well your posting or your content will flow. Since your content will be one of the first impressions of your audience on you, you have to create a strategy for your target audience to look forward to your services or products. With content, you can capture attention and it will surely leave a mark on them. If your prospects are amazed they might even recommend you to someone they know that is looking for services or products that you offer.


The right social media strategy is critical for success in the modern business world. The most important part of that strategy is you as their manager. You have to set your mind and create these strategies. Take note also that even if you know these strategies doesn’t mean that luck is always on your side. That will be all for this blog. If you want to be updated and notified once we post new blogs, just subscribe and we’ll do the rest.

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