What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

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Social media manager, who do actually social media managers manage? -Is this a trick question? As there are various types of activities in the business of social media, I thought it would be appropriate to go over some of those tasks I think are done by most Managers. Social media managers are considered the heart and soul of every social media platform. They manage the brand image, social media strategy, marketplace, and advertising as well as monitor different analytics information to provide a better service to their customers.

Create a social media and content strategy

The very first thing that a social media manager do is create their social media strategies and their content strategies. Your strategy will serve as your outline. Making the best social media marketing strategy will boost your engagements and will surely benefit your business. 

At first, you have to create a strategy or blueprint of your plan on your social media. After creating social media strategy, you will be able to answer the question like What will be your content, Why are you going to post about this content, When are you going to post updates and content, How will you post it, and Who will be the target community of your post. After all that, you will be able to create a concrete content strategy to hike up your engagement.

Contribute high-quality and engaging content

A social media manager should create content not just to comply, like “I have to post something for this day”. You should still contribute to your social media community’s needs.

In social media, it’s not just about sharing content for compliance. A social media manager creates a content base on RECIPE.  RECIPE is a pillar of content. RECIPE stands for Recreational, Educational, Conversational, Inspirational, Promotional, and Entrepreneurial. When you are going to create content, always remember RECIPE, everything will surely go as planned. 

Recreational can be composed of memes and holidays. These kinds of content will make your follower breathe fresh air, the best time to escape from suffocating life. Educational, can be about current events, or things that can be proven with facts. This will help your followers learn something. Conversational content will help you build your relationship with your clients. Inspirational is mostly testimonials of your previous clients. These are the content that will inspire your followers to do the same thing as you did or hire you to do so. Promotional content is the content that is about the offers you promote on your social media. Entrepreneurial is the content that focuses on blogs, vlogs, and podcasts from your company.

Create a community

A social media manager creates a safe space for those people in the same industry as them. This community will serve as their newspaper. When a social media manager successfully created a community, their followers will be able to spread the news about them. 

You can create a community by creating groups wherein your followers can also post their thoughts. They can share some information as well. It will also serve as your style of communication and data gathering tool. You can collate the things that they share and base your following content on their likings.

Promote other people’s content

Sharing everything about you is a bit exhausting because you have to create content every day. It will also make you look as if you are only focusing on yourself. As a social media manager, you can also inform your followers about other content like blogs, podcasts, vlogs, images, and videos. 

Aside from you are helping other social media managers or content creators to be known, you are also making opening up the possible window for collaboration with them. You can also share posts of your follower’s content. With that, you will be able to build your relationship with them. 

Other social media managers often share posts, share or promote other people’s content. People might think “This page(account) is a bit lazy, they always share others’ content instead of creating one”, without knowing that sharing others’ content is also one of the most effective social media strategies. Hence, the content still has the real creator’s name on it. It won’t be copyrighted.

Engage in the community

Aside from creating a community a social media manager also engages with people around that community. As I’ve said in the upper part, a social media manager can create content that will make their followers involved. 

By engaging in the community, a social media manager will be able to define the real needs of their followers.

Answer questions and solve problems

As a social media manager, you often encounter questions from your followers. You have to research your followers and find out what are their needs. 

Sometimes your followers will ask you questions, they will inquire about the best solution for their problems. And as you already researched about them you know already what would be the answer.

Use analytical tools to track the results of their efforts

Social media managers do not just send outreach messages. The social media managers also checked the results of what they were doing. 

To check the results of their campaign, they use several tools. As for Facebook and Instagram, they already have built-in analytical tools. They are checking these things not just to prove that they are doing great because sometimes not all postings and techniques are effective. They also check results to know what are fields they should excel in and improve more.

How to identify clients through social media

Although social media is very popular and populated, not everyone is willing to buy from you. As a social media manager, you should know if the people you are targeting can be converted into your client. 

With your prospect’s profile, you can already tell if they can be your clients or if you can create a solution for their problem. You have to keep in mind that not all people can be your client. 

In this article, we have tried to cover all aspects of social media management that are a must-know for anyone interested in getting into the field of SMM or someone who is already working as an SMM and needs further information. In all cases, social media managers should be actively monitoring their networks for any issues that need resolving or opportunities that need capitalizing on.

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