The Ultimate Social Media Checklist

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Keywords are very important in every social media manager. Keywords will significantly affect how well your social media will behave. 

Every post, caption, bio, hashtags, and everything requires keywords. Keywords are very powerful. With the right keyword, your potential client will be able to find you without having a hard time. Your keywords can be about you, and your company, it can also be about what service, products, or niche is your social media all about. 

There are long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords

This type of keyword is a more specific one. When you are looking for something online you click the search bar and type in the thing you are looking for. A long-tail keyword is when you type-describe the link you are looking for. 

For example, if You are looking for shoes, instead of just typing shoes, you will type “white Nike running shoes for men”. Long-tail keywords deliver less traffic, when they search for specific things, the results will also be specific. You will have lesser competition with the long-tail keywords.

Short-tail keywords

If the long-tail keyword is specific, the short-tail keyword is broad. Short-tail keyword being general generates a lot of traffic. However, if the customer looking for you only take notes about that certain keyword, they will still be able to look for you. 

Contrary to the long-tail keyword example, instead of searching the longer words, you only have to search for “shoes”. Your clients will have a lot of options aside from you, with that, you have to create the best strategy to be at the top of the search engine even with short-tail keywords.


Branding is deeper than just your company. Branding is about everything in your company that makes it unique; logo, color, design, trust, strategy, marketing, and more. 

As a social media manager, the more unique your branding is the bigger the impact on your viewer it gets. When you create good branding, your viewer will distinguish your business from others. Starbucks is the perfect epitome of what I’m saying. The said coffee shop focus on their very minimal branding color; green, brown, and white. The result of their branding is when the consumer saw their logo, even from afar, with their signature color, they will be able to tell it is from Starbucks. 

What I was saying, is that you should stick up to your branding. You have to be consistent in showing your customers what your service and product are all about.

Research the Competitors

There’s this phrase enunciated by Harold Meachum, “The first rule of war and business is to know your enemy”. Researching what your competitor is doing is contrary to what others were saying, that you are just being insecure about your products and services. You are researching your competitors because you want to know what the latest things happening in your industry. 

You can use all your research to know how will you handle your social media, and maybe come up with a strategy that will cause your social media to do great, or even better than your competitors. 

Despite the title “research the competitors”, it doesn’t mean you have to take them as your rival. In fact, you can take them as examples or role models to do well.

Create a catchy Bio

Your bio on any social media consists of only 100 characters to 200 characters depending on the social media. Considering how short the bio is, you should still be able to describe your social media or your business. 

Follow up with the people who follow you

Catching up with your follower is one of the best things to put on your checklist as social media manager. The one who follows you has an interest in you and your business. Knowing their lifestyle is the best thing you could do. Following their social media will help you know what things they need, then you will be able to determine the products and services you’ll offer to them. 

They will also see you as an approachable person. That they won’t have any problem consulting with you about their concern. 

Set up your social media accounts

By setting up your social media, you have to use the branding technique. By branding, you create things that are exclusive to you, and unique. You can set up your social media, by using all the things you do in branding such as; using your business name, changing your profile pictures into your business’ logo, and keep using the same things all over the platform you are in. You can also set up your social media by using a professional bio, adding links on your profile page like your website, other social media platform, and other contact details that will let them contact you if they have queries.


First, Let us know what CTA is. CTA is the acronym for Call-To-Action. Every activity you do on your social media should have CTA. CTA is used as your contact details, whenever people like to have a chat with you, they just have to look for your CTA and they can contact you anytime. 

You can’t post online or manage your conversion rate without having CTA in your activities. Make sure that next time, you have CTA in whatever you post and do on the social media you handle. 

Make sure that you are following the latest trends

On every social media platform, we have different trends. These trends are a hot topic, and people have been talking about them for days, weeks, and months, probably.

To upscale your engagement, you have to be relatable with your clients. You should be on the same page as they are. Following trends will not just make your engagement higher than it usually is, it will also make you look like you are keeping up with the things that most people are watching out for. 

Check your analytics

Newbies think that once they post on their social media, as what they do on their account, their work is done. 

Analytics is a way to determine whether you are going on the right path on social media. With analytics, you will be able to know what your next step will be. When your graph is going up, your engagements are higher, and when your followers are increasing, then you’re doing a great job. 

On the other hand, if all your statistics are decreasing, you should step up your game plan. Maybe switch a strategy or tweak your content. Research the things affecting your analytics to drop, and do something about it.


Having a checklist is one strategy in itself. Now you get it? Strategy is creating and putting your plans into action. 

Having a concrete strategy is the best thing you can do as a social media manager. With a strategy in mind, you won’t get off track, you will be able to keep going day by day.

Before anything else, in your social media management journey, you should have a strategy and backup plans if the other one didn’t work. 

Know your goals

As a social media manager, and as a business owner or as part of a business, you should have goals. Goals can be about followers, sales, and probably engagement. Aside from you will know what things you should do in a span of time, you can also track if what you’re doing is effective and having a positive impact on your business. 

Plan Ahead

Planning is also one of the best strategies to think of when you are a social media manager. By planning ahead, you should plan what things or what the topics of your content would be for an entire month or year maybe. 

Planning ahead is the more specific version of your strategies. The plans should be inside your strategy. 


As a social media manager, you should never be afraid to try new things. Keeping up with a trend is a thing, but sometimes, setting the trend is way better. 

Some clients want original and new things to see and read in their feeds, and experimenting with your content will be your best weapon. It may be a bit risky, but have you heard the phrase “High-risk high rewards”? You should never be afraid to innovate as we live in a continues-innovating society. 

Final thoughts

Social media is continuously innovating. It is rapidly upgrading right before our eyes. From just an application for socializing, now, you can grow your business through it. If you are planning to be a social media manager, remember these 13 things, you should be aware of on this checklist. 

Managing social media isn’t an easy thing to do it is a very challenging task. Not because you can’t feel the change, after your social media campaign, doesn’t mean you are not doing well. You base your judgment on your analytics figure before creating actions. 

Just keep learning. Never stop, you’ll surely have a great result! 

Now, Let’s end this blog. Check your list if any of these 13 things are present. If not, what are you waiting for? Conduct research and you’ll do successfully good on your social media marketing journey. Until next time. See you in my next blog!

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